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Fall/Spring Clean-Up​​


As winter approaches, it’s important for you to prepare your lawns, gardens, and shrubs so they can stand up to the cold.

You can rely on the team at Family Tree Lawn Services to provide yard clean-up services and prepare their property for the upcoming
winter. Our team also offers a variety of services to help remedy the effects of winter and prepare your yard for the new season.

Fall Clean-Up

The arrival of autumn is a welcome relief from the heat and humidity that we often experience in Texas, but you don’t want to wait until fall to take care of your yard.

Here are just a few of our Fall Clean-Up Services:

  • Leaf collection
  • Removal of annuals
  • Winterization of flower beds
  • Grass cutting – final cut of the year
  • Burlap wrapping of shrubs/bushes (optional)
  • Bagging of yard waste and placement at the curb

And more!

Let the experts at Family Tree Lawn Services address your yard needs this fall, so you can spend more time enjoying your beautiful yard.

Spring Clean-Up

The experts at Family Tree Lawn Services know that every homeowner patiently awaits the first signs of spring. While you might be ready for the warm weather and sunshine, be sure that you don’t forget about your yard!

Here are just a few of our Spring Clean-Up Services:

  • Collection of debris
  • Soil and mulch delivery
  • Over-seeding of the lawn
  • Trimming shrubs and hedges

And More!

Let the experts at Family Tree Lawn Services take care of your yard this spring. Call today to learn more about our services or to book your Spring Clean-Up!

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