Family Tree Lawn Service


Definitely went above and beyond of what we were even expecting. Always communicated back in a timely manner, polite, reasonably priced, and very thorough. Had him work on our half acre backyard mowing, trimming a whole bunch of bushes and trees, weeds, etc. Wish I had taken before and after pics but he did an amazing job! Will continue to use him in the future and recommend to anyone!

Cathy Hunt

Family Tree did a great job fixing the landscaping around our home. From mowing/weeding, to ripping out vines and dead bushes, to trimming large trees back from the roofline, they did it all with no problems. Hard work done well!

Angela McArdle

He did a wonderful job. A very hard worker. Affordable and dependable. Highly recommend.

Carrie Shaw

Josh came out on short notice and did a fantastic job. I will definitely use him again. Very fast hardworking young man. The family tree lawn service. (254)314-6552.

Felita Wheeler

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